Hyper-contemporary Literature:brand-new writing and book prizes

Pre-reading and re-reading Michael Longley’s ‘The Candlelight Master’

As I read the contents of Michael Longley’s ‘The Candlelight Master’, two things struck me. First, that I was pre-reading the poems by virtue of their mapping in the contents. Second, that I was pre-reading the contents by virtue of my prior knowledge of Longley’s poetry. This blog is about the first of these.


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I’m Nick Taylor-Collins, an academic lecturing in English Literature at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I write about one of my specialisms: hyper-contemporary literature. I define this as brand-new writing that hasn’t (yet) gathered a critical consensus. My book, Judge for Yourself, is all about the topic, and this blog is intended as a partner to the book. See here if you want to know any more about me.

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